Testimonials from our Clients

“I just wanted to e-mail to tell you how extremely pleased we were with the way the house was cleaned yesterday!! Thank you so much for running such an excellent business. Everything was perfect!” - Julie

"Thank you so much for the excellent job you did at our house today. Everything looked great. Again, thanks—you did a fantastic job.” - Becky

“I had Busy Bee Cleaning come clean my house for an upcoming family party. They were all over the house – up high and down low they didn’t miss a beat! The house has never been so clean! I am so impressed. I will definitely be scheduling a regular weekly maintenance to keep the house up. It was awesome.” - Mike

“The Tysons store looked great. Opening was a huge success. Thanks for your continued professionalism and thoroughness. See you in Gaithersburg.” - Rick B.

“…They did an AMAZING job, very efficient and paid a lot of attention to detail… I have had many cleaning companies in the past and Busy Bee is by FAR the best, they aim to please and I would recommend them to anyone with pleasure!!!!!!!!...” - Brandy

“Again, thanks—you did a fantastic job. Helping hands really mean allot.” - Dave M.

“My daughter was SO impressed with how you cleaned her home and so very grateful for the help! We were all there Saturday night for Baby’s birthday and their home never looked better! Thank you so very much for everything!! You are such a treasure!” - Julie and Emlyn

“It is always such a pleasure to come home after you and your Busy Bees have been to our home. It’s one less thing I need to worry about. Thanks so much for making my life simpler. Have a great weekend.” -Tiffany

“WOW! Stephanie the house looks amazing!!!!!!!!!! I am soooo pleased!! Holy moly it really looks great! Can’t wait till my Wife gets home and sees it! Excellent job thanks! See you in two weeks.” - Frank

“Thanks so much for helping us out. I know this was short notice but the restaurant is opening this Friday instead of next. I was so pleased how beautiful everything looked when we walked with the final list. Thanks for everything.” - Angela

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