Real Estate & Move-in/out Cleaning - One Time Cleans

Everyone knows curb appeal is what draws the client to the door. The impression that clientele get when they walk through the door, that feeling of astonishment, that is the one that makes the sale and the impression that we strive for. The feeling you get when see a well-maintained and beautiful house that looks like new, that is the feeling that we work so hard to provide. We strive to bring these aspects to your homes and businesses because it makes the space happier, brighter, and eases the nerves/minds of you and your clientele. This is helpful because both buying and selling a house is stressful. The last thing you want to worry about is if the home is clean.

Services include:

General House Cleaning

  • Clean all entry way doors and glass (remove finger prints)
  • Dust/wipe blinds
  • Dust/wipe all window sills and ledges
  • Clean ceiling fans
  • Edge and vacuum all floor surfaces
  • Remove cob webs
  • Clean vent covers
  • Remove trash bags, and replace liners
  • Dust/wipe stairs, and rails
  • Dust/wipe baseboards, door frames, window moldings, and decorative moldings
  • Dust hanging pictures, wall-mounted fixtures and decorations
  • Dust/wipe/vacuum all lamps & shades
  • Mop/dust-mop all hard floor surfaces
  • Clean switch plates and outlet covers
  • Dust and polish all wood/glass/stone furniture surfaces and doorknobs


  • Clean mirrors
  • Dust blinds
  • Dust/polish furniture surfaces
  • Clean ceiling fans
  • Dust/wipe doors, switch plates, and socket covers
  • Dust/wipe baseboards, window sills, window frames, and door frames
  • Edge/vacuum all floor surfaces
  • Mop/Dust-mop all hard floor surfaces


  • Clean/sanitize counter-tops and surfaces
  • Clean range and range hood
  • Edge/vacuum all floor surfaces
  • Mop/disinfect all floor surfaces
  • Clean/disinfect sinks
  • Clean/polish appliance surfaces
  • Clean/Disinfect microwave
  • Wipe/polish cabinets
  • Empty trash bins, clean receptacle, and replace liner

Bath Rooms

  • Clean/sanitize tile walls and floors
  • Clean/sanitize bath tubs and showers
  • Clean/polish shower door/glass
  • Clean/polish mirrors
  • Clean/polish chrome/brass metal fixtures
  • Dust light fixtures and vent covers
  • Clean/sanitize toilets
  • Dust/wipe window sills, moldings, and blinds
  • Dust/wipe baseboards
  • Wipe down cabinets and vanity

Additional Services

  • Clean windows in/out
  • Clean inside refrigerator and dishwasher
  • Clean inside of the oven
  • Change linens and make beds

Kitchen Add-ons

  • Clean and Dust top of cabinets
  • Clean inside of cabinets and drawers

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